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12x PTZ Conference Camera

  • 1/2.8-inch, 2.07 million effective pixels high quality HD CMOS sensor, can achieve a maximum of 1920 * 1080 high resolution quality images.

  • High-speed USB interface, support encoding output, support UVC1.1 protocol, support the mainstream video conferencing software in the market. Support RS232 serial port, which can control this ptz conference camera.

  • Super high signal-to-noise ratio of the new CMOS image sensor can effectively reduce the image noise in low-light conditions, while the application of 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms, significantly reducing the image noise, even in the case of ultra-low illumination, still keep the picture clean and clear, the image signal-to-noise ratio of up to 55dB or more.

  • Adopt 72.5 ° high-quality ultra-wide angle lens, optical zoom up to 12 times, and support 16 times digital zoom.


Product detail

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图1)

PTZ Conference Camera 12x Zoom

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图2)

12x Optical Zoom

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图3)

Crystal Clear images Full HD 1080P

Anywii 12X zoom video conferencing camera has a high image quality 12x optical zoom and supports multiple output interfaces for use with a variety of devices. Professional-grade camera performance and features create the feeling of "being in the same room" for online meeting attendees.

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图4)

PTZ Rotation 355°

The use of high-precision stepper motor and precision motor drive controller, to ensure the smooth operation of the head, and no noise.

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图5)

Low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio

As a  hd conference room camera, its super high signal-to-noise ratio of the new CMOS image sensor can effectively reduce the image noise in low-light conditions. The ptz camera is created by advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology to further reduce noise while ensuring image clarity, while significantly reducing image noise, even in ultra-low-light conditions, still keep the picture clean and clear, image signal-to-noise ratio of up to 55dB or more. Adapt to various venue environments.

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图6)

Multiple presets

12X ptz camera supports up to 255 preset positions (10 for remote control setting call). It also can save memory for close-up shots of people at the venue.

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图7)

Installation method

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图8)

Strong compatibility

PTZ conference camera is compatible with conference terminal, recording, central control, control keyboard and other equipment control. Also meet the needs of remote meetings.

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图9)

Above is the description of the conference camera connection interface

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图10)

All the contents of the ptz conference machine package

12x PTZ Conference Camera(图11)

HC701U-12 ptz conference camera appearance specification parameters

Model Number: HC701U-12

12x PTZ Conference Camera

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