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360 degree Auto-tracking Camera
360 degree Auto-tracking Camera
360 degree Auto-tracking Camera
360 degree Auto-tracking Camera

360 degree Auto-tracking Camera

HP800 is an auto-tracking camera. It has good performance in small conferences.

Its features are as follows:

  1. 360° Panoramic Auto-tracking Camera

  2. Panoramic View & Automatic Cruise

  3. Four 1080p Lenses & Panoramic Meeting Video

  4. AI Voice Tracking Camera

  5. Eight Array Omnidirectional Microphones

  6. White Balance+Low-light Processing+Faster Transmission Speed

  7. 3.0 USB Faster Transmission Speed

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Product detail

Auto-tracking Conference Camera

360° Panoramic Auto-tracking Camera

  • Focus on the video conference and fearless distance. 

  • You could also experience face-to-face conversation at a distance.

Auto-tracking Camera Fast Focus

Panoramic View & Automatic Cruise

  • Auto-tracking Camera can be used for panoramic video conferencing and supports automatic cruise function.

HD Auto-tracking Camera

Four 1080P Lenses & Panoramic Meeting Video

  • Lens of the auto-tracking camera have higher pixels, and the video has no distortion, resulting in higher quality and clear video effect. So auto-tracking camera can well meet the needs of conference audio system.

Voice Auto-tracking Camera

AI Sound Source Tracking

  • As a voice tracking camera, it can automatically track the speaker's sound source, so that you can have a real experience of face-to-face conversation.

  • If you work as video conference system integration, HP800 is really suitable for audio visual integrators with high quality at low cost.

Auto-tracking Camera with microphone

Eight Array Omnidirectional Microphones

  • HP800 as a voice tracking camera, contains eight array omnidirectional microphones, ultra-clear sound quality transmission and 8-meter pickup range, the meeting is no longer limited.

Real auto-tracking camera

White Balance

  • When more light shines on your face, your face will not be too bright because of the light.

  • So that you will maintain the most suitable video recording effect.

Low-light Processing

  • Even if you don't turn on other lights, the tracking camera can use low-light processing technology to see the contours of your face with only a little light from other places.

Auto-tracking Camera USB3.0

Faster Transmission Speed

  • Support USB 3.0, support TF card video storage, faster data transmission, and directly record every important meeting.

  • At the same time, H.264 video decoding can better reduce your storage space.

Auto-tracking Camera Compatibility

Strong Compatibility

  • Meet diverse conferencing needs.

Auto-tracking Camera Details

Auto-tracking Camera HP800 Details Draft

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