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Professional PTZ Conference Camera

20X/ 30X optical zoom ptz camera for video conference.

  • First-class image quality: 1/2.8-inch 2.07-megapixel high-quality image sensor, maximum resolution up to 1920x1080, output frame rate up to 60 frames per second.

  • Lens: 20x, 30x two optical zoom lens options.

  • Trinity image auto-focus technology: focus on the intelligent processing of images, providing automatic white balance (AWB), automatic exposure (AE), and automatic focus (AF) functions, fully automatically adapting to the environment to achieve the best image effect and achieve the perfect trinity image auto-adjustment.

  • Low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio: Low noise CMOS effectively ensures the ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio of the camera video. The use of advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction technology further reduces the noise while ensuring image clarity. 

  • Rich and perfect lossless HD output interface: support HDMI, SDI, USB, wired LAN; SDI supports transmission of 100 meters at 1080P60 format.

  • Multiple audio and video compression standards: support H.264+/H.264 video compression, support AAC, MP3, G.711A audio compression; support up to 1920x1080 resolution 60 fps compression.

  • Audio input interface: support for 8000, 16000, 32000, 44100, 48000 sampling frequency, support for AAC, MP3, G.711A audio coding

  • Multiple network protocols: support ONVIF, GB/T28181, RTSP, RTMP protocol; support RTMP push mode, easy link streaming media server (Wowza, FMS); support RTP multicast mode, support network full command VISCA control protocol.

  • Control interface: RS485, RS232; RS232 support cascade, convenient for engineering installation and use.

  • Multiple control protocols: support VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P protocols, support automatic identification protocols.

  • Super silent head: adopt high precision stepping motor and precision motor drive controller to ensure the head runs smoothly at low speed and without noise.

  • Low-power hibernation function: support low-power hibernation/wakeup, power consumption is less than 400mW when hibernating.

  • Multiple preset bits: support up to 255 preset bits (10 for remote control setting call).

  • Multiple remote controls: infrared remote control, support remote control signal transmission function, convenient for back-end devices.

  • Multiple application places: remote education, teaching recording, conference system, remote training, telemedicine, courtroom system, emergency command system system, etc.


Product detail

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图1)

Professional PTZ Conference Camera

HD conference room camera will take you easily into the world of high-definition vision, flexible to meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios, suitable for large-scale venue deployment.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图2)图2.jpg

20X/30X optical zoom & 1080P 60fps

Excellent Image Quality

30x optical zoom with accurate, smooth. The ptz conference camera contains 1/2.8-inch 2.07 megapixel high quality image sensor, maximum resolution up to 1920x1080, and output frame rate up to 60fps. 

Holding the details while the effect is more realistic. It performs well in conference audio systems.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图4)

Silent PTZ Movement

Pan/Tilt Rotation ±170°, -30°~+90°

Pan/Tilt Speed: adjustable

Preset Speed: 1~10 adjustable

Adopt high precision motor drive controller to ensure the smooth operation of the head and no noise. Therefore, its silence does not interfere with the conduct of the video conferencing.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图5)

Multi-interface Video Output

The ptz camera supports broadcast-grade 3G-SDI output for long-distance, high-quality HD image transmission and restoration of the clearest original images. HDMI compatible to ensure high-definition image quality and make installation more flexible and convenient.

So, supports 3G-SDI, HDMI and USB Video Output Simultaneously, will meet most scenario applications.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图6)

Meticulous Image Processing

The 20X/30X ptz camera have adopted ISP technology, 3A automatic image processing (auto-focus, auto-exposure, and auto-white balance), delivers brilliantly clear image resolution, outstanding color reproduction, and exceptional optical accuracy.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图7)

More Preset Positions

(Maximum support 255)

The remote control can be preset to 10 positions. You can arrange in advance the location where the ptz camera needs to fix the screen.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图8)

Application Scenarios

The versatility of installation also allows the ptz conference camera to be used perfectly and appropriately in different places. It is ideal for video conferencing, live church broadcasts, teleconferencing, distance education, remote consultation, etc.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图9)

Powerful Compatibility

This ptz conference camera is  compatible with most conference video software. It also supports Visca, Pelco-P, and Pelco-D protocol, RS232/RS485 camera control, and image switch.

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图10)

What's in the conference camera box?

12V/1.5A power supply, RS232 control cable, USB3.0 connection cable (30X model), USB2.0 connection cable (20X model), remote control, manual, warranty card

Professional PTZ Conference Camera(图11)

Product Size (HC730 PTZ Conference Camera)

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