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How should the streaming webcam be adjusted?

Time:Mar 22,2022Views:

1. webcam brand selection

webcam问鼎(创意4).jpgIn the choice of usb webcam, must pay attention to the brand selection, generally speaking, the clarity of the usb webcam is much higher than the clarity of the ordinary usb webcam, you can choose the Luckimage H780 as your streaming camera, suitable for most of the anchor live use, and this webcam is also a very popular in the current society, many anchors will use to this one. And it is also relatively high cost performance, the price is not very expensive. 

2. usb webcam placement angle

For the usb webcam, their placement position and placement angle are also very important, usually they are placed in the anchor position, if you want to make the face look smaller, you can tilt the webcam down a little, the overall will look like the anchor image more three-dimensional, but also make the anchor look more attractive, and thus the anchor harvest a large number of fans. A large number of fans. If you live outdoors, you need to use the phone plus stabilizer to combine, so that you can ensure the stability of the image quality and also more convenient.

3. Lighting effect adjustment

When the usb webcam is adjusted, it is necessary to adjust the lighting effects. In order to create a stronger sense of atmosphere, in the live environment you can choose a lamp to live, you can also open the room in the overhead light, but need to pay attention to the brightness of the light, if there is no lamp, you can also buy a fill light from the Internet, the left and right sides will be placed full, and the light can shine all over the body. This will enable the anchor in the live broadcast, to avoid the lack of light and cause facial darkness, but also to enhance the fan viewing atmosphere.

The above is the introduction of how the usb webcam should be adjusted, if there are careful friends may find that the vast majority of anchors in the live broadcast, they will automatically open the beauty of the function, but also because of this function is to make the anchor to harvest more fans.