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Inventory of common faults and solutions of webcam

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-01-10 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

If the web camera fails, can you solve it by yourself? Today, I will summarize the common problems and solutions for you.


1. The computer cannot detect the webcam

First of all, in this case, the main inspection scope is whether the operating system, BIOS, USB interface and installation are wrong. If the operating system is still Windows 95, it is necessary to upgrade to Windows 98 or above immediately. Windows 95 does not support the USB interface. Secondly, check the BIOS Setup to make sure the USB device is valid. If the settings are correct, but the camera still cannot be connected, you can use the second USB interface to connect the camera. If the connection still fails, it is time to consider the driver. The wrong driver may be installed or the wrong device is selected. What needs to be done is to check the system device to ensure that the correct driver is installed.


2. The webcam camera has color deviation

Check the software used by the webcam first. You can adjust the color deviation of the webcam camera by adjusting the color-related settings in the video capture program.


3. The color of the video preview image is incorrect

In this case, the color is very unstable, sometimes abnormal, and sometimes normal. When you encounter an abnormality, you should wait for 20 to 30 seconds and let AutoWhite (automatic whitening) to balance or correct.


4. The webcam preview speed is too slow

The solution to this situation is to upgrade the computer hardware. It may be caused by the low performance of the computer. You can change a graphics accelerator card. If it is still slow, please upgrade the CPU and motherboard, or even replace it with a new computer.


5. The display speed of the web camera is too slow

You can change to another place to surf the Internet, or change an ISP.


6. The video preview image is too bright or too dark

When this happens, it is generally not a quality problem. The solution is to adjust the brightness and contrast the background. There are detailed instructions in the chapter about software settings in the manual. In addition, you can also start with the use environment and the intake object, and the solution is to remove the bright light source or increase the brightness of the object.


7. The webcam appears blurry

To check whether the webcam driver matches the webcam model, you can also replace a display card for testing, which is likely to be caused by the incompatibility between the webcam camera and the graphics card or the display driver. Luckimage webcam could be used without driver, and it supports plug and play which is also a good choice.


8. A white or black screen appears during use

You can find the manual, read the precautions, and how to change the settings. It may be because the "Preview" under the "Option" menu in the camera software is not turned on. The solution is to double-click and wait for more than five seconds, it will return to normal.

When the computer camera fails, in addition to finding the cause of the webcam itself, we also need to check the peripherals, such as checking the display card. If you can't repair it yourself, you can ask a professional to repair it.


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