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What is the best 4k webcam

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-12-21 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

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When you're wondering what's the best 4k webcam, it's probably looking for your laptop or desktop. However, the first step is not to know the camera price and brand, you may need to confirm whether your computer is compatible.


The first step to buying a 4k webcam

Usually, a 4k webcam needs to be paired with a 4k display to have a better experience. If your computer only has a resolution of 1080p, there is no need to buy a 4k webcam. You only need to buy a 1080p webcam, consider the brand, price and quality, and then consider other functional parameters of the camera. (However, if you want to buy it, there is no problem, after all, the 4k webcam is backward compatible with 1080p.)



Determine the capabilities of a 4k webcam

When you have determined that the computer is compatible, you can then consider what kind of camera you need. Because the camera has many functions, you can buy it according to your own needs at this time. Here are the main features of the 4k webcam:


Main functions of 4k webcam:

1. Ai automatic tracking

2. The camera supports digital zoom

3. With remote control

4. Dual stereo microphones with noise reduction function

5. Support H.264/ H.265 video output

6. Equipped with a privacy cover

7. 30fps/60fps



Choose the brand of 4k webcams

4k webcams from Logitech and Razer are popular these days. But their 4k webcams may have a downside, and that is that the price may be on the high side. Their 4k webcams have relatively clear image quality, and they have a set of their own software to adjust the cameras. Another good recommendation is Anywii's computer camera.


Anywii is a USB Webcam supplier in Shenzhen. At the same time, it also produces 4k webcam and 4k PTZ camera products. The 4k webcam from Anywii called H500. You don't have to worry too much about video imaging, because Anywii has a technical team of more than 30 people. From design and development to production of finished products, Anywii is independent.


The 4k webcam from Anywii has a 5X digital zoom, and you can control the zoom in and out by touching the Zoom on the surface. The H500 4k webcam itself is equipped with dual stereo noise-canceling microphones and a magnetic privacy protection cover.


You just plug the USB port into your laptop or desktop computer, and you can start video chatting in no time.


How to install the 4k webcam?

Most of 4k webcam supports plug and play, you needn' t down any software but have a usb port. If you need to adjust the built-in parameters of the 4K webcam, you can download AMCAP from the download interface of Anywii, and enter the software to adjust the place you need to modify.

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