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Conference Speakerpohone

The M6 conference speakerphone offers a high-definition sampling rate, enabling high-quality conversations during meetings and delivering a top-notch voice call experience. With a sound pickup radius of 3-5 meters, it's perfect for small to medium-sized conference rooms, covering the speech range of everyone indoors with just one device.

Moreover, its multiple noise reduction shields effectively eliminate noise in the conference scene, resulting in clear pickup effects. The signal-to-noise ratio of 65.5dB ensures excellent handling of noise, enabling a high-quality audio experience and smooth communication during meetings. With the M6, your business meetings can be efficient, simple, and more effective.


Product detail

Conference Speakerpohone(图1)

Professional Conference Speakerphone

High-quality audio experience makes conference communication clearer and smoother, creating efficient and simple business meetings.

Conference Speakerpohone(图2)

Suitable for small and medium meeting scenarios

The sound pickup radius is 3-5 meters, which meets the needs of small and medium-sized conference rooms, and only one device can cover the speech range of indoor people.

Conference Speakerpohone(图3)

High sampling rate, clearer sound

The microphone with high-definition sampling rate realizes high-quality conversations in meetings and delivers high-definition voice call experience for your meetings.

Conference Speakerpohone(图4)

Intelligent noise reduction

The sound is in the ear, without distortion

Multiple noise reduction shields the noise in the conference scene, maintains a clear pickup effect, and the signal-to-noise ratio is as high as 65.5dB, which handles noise better.

Conference Speakerpohone(图5)

5W high-power speaker, extraordinary

Built-in high-performance speakers, the sound is loud and transparent, combined with duplex technology for real-time two-way communication, the depth of echo cancellation can reach more than 65dB, just like face-to-face seamless communication.

Conference Speakerpohone(图6)

16-level volume addition and subtraction, upgraded touch sensor

The size of the speaker can be adjusted according to the scene of the conference room. It is more durable than traditional buttons. It can be muted and silent with one touch, and it is easy to control the volume of the microphone.

Conference Speakerpohone(图7)

Visualization panel

Control at a glance

Conference Speakerpohone(图8)

Simple layout, efficient office

USB connection for power supply, plug and play, support for major conference software, connect the device to start a time-saving and labor-saving video conference.

Conference Speakerpohone(图9)

Meet the needs of various scenarios:

1. Personal office

2. Video conferencing

3. Online teaching

4. Remote training

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Product Size Display

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