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1080p webcam manufacturers

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Speakerphone can easily capture the tiniest sounds from 360° directions, louder and clearer, and better suited for conference scenarios. Easier operation and more powerful features.

Product Model

Pickup radius 4m
Speaker volume 90dB
Pickup mode 360° all-round pickup
Voice sampling rate 48KHz
Reverberation time < 0.5sec
Noise level < -48dBA
Microphone signal frequency response 100Hz-22KHz
Loudness signal frequency response100Hz-22KHz 
Echo cancellation length≥ 500ms
Deep echo cancellation (AEC)full-duplex echo cancellation depth of      65dB or more
Two-way noise compression (NC)noise compression up to 18dB

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Product detail

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图1)

Bluetooth/USB Conference Speakerphone

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图2)

Omnidirectional Precision Pickup Mode

  • Speakrphone supports 48KHz sampling rate lossless audio transmission technology, lossless audio capture, reduce the loss of audio in the transmission process, smooth delivery.

  • Easily capture the tiniest sounds from 360° directions, louder and clearer. Built-in 5W speaker,and it is also more suitable for conference scenarios.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图3)

Professional DSP Technology

  • Professional-grade DSP digital voice algorithm with built-in noise reduction technology can effectively block noise, suppress noise, echo cancellation, and automatic gain while picking up clear sound.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图4)

Full Duplex with Echo Cancellation

  • High-performance DSP digital audio chip to achieve full-duplex echo cancellation and high fidelity of voice restoration.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图5)

Smart Sound Direction Finding

  • Intelligent microphone automatic direction finding technology, sensitive capture, accurate identification.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图6)

Long Usage Time

  • Speakerphone is built-in 2400mA battery for longer and more durable use.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图7)

Variety of Connections

  • Speakerphone supports USB wired, plug-and-play design, no driver installation, no dock installation, just plug it into your laptop or desktop and start using it.

  • Also supports BT5.0 wireless connection video terminal, suitable for square conference room within 40 square meters.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图8)

Flexible Configuration

  •  Speakerphone supports extended microphone solutions, connection, convenient and flexible configuration in different room structures. The sound will be delivered to every corner, clear and error-free, support for medium and large meeting rooms within 60 ㎡.

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图9)

Excellent Compatibility

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图10)

Main Functions of Speakerphone Buttons

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