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5 Reasons You Need Webcam with Speaker and Microphone

In recent years from 2019, the video meeting and work remotely is become more and more popular in worldwide. Base on global research, had 258 million workers using the video conferencing software and this market is expected to explore to 10.92 billion dollars market by 2024.

Based on these statistics, we can expect the market of hardware also becoming bigger and bigger, and all the video conference user are looking for the hardware can improve their experience and hoping with less and less external device.

Then bring us to topic of today: Webcam with speaker and microphone.

5 Reasons that you need a webcam with speaker and microphone.

We will explain why you need it from devices need in traditional video meeting and experience improvements.

Audio Input

As we knew it, since we’re doing this video meeting things, which means we need to talk or communicate with other peoples, then we need the equipment to collect our words and pass to the people. In traditional methods, people use extra microphone with cord to connect computer then to make it happen, but if webcam with microphone, then would be no need to buy extra microphone.

Audio Output

Same thing with input, we speak to other people, and we need to listen from other people, so it calls a meeting or conference. Webcam with speaker can save you to buy an extra speaker and one more cord/interface to process.   

Professional effect debugging

To be honesty, with the generation upgrade, more and more laptops with in built the webcam, microphone and speaker: Still recommend to have a webcam with microphone and speaker because it is under professional effect debugging especially aim to video meeting.

Just like the AEC, noise cancellation, high power speaker, etc. These are only in the professional device manufacturers to make it instead of some laptop manufacturers.

Remote control

In old ways to make online meeting, you need to control webcam, microphone, speakerphone at the same time and the awkward of forgot mute must happen to everybody. In this 3 in 1 model—H721C model, we equip with remote to control that zoom in/out, close image and mute, you can do it all just by a click of your finger instead of use mouse to find the corresponding interface of each device.

Cost efficiency

Just took a look on Amazon, you can buy a speakerphone about 50$ with some unknown brand, no matter to says that you need a webcam either. Let’s say you will cost about 100$ with whole set of speaker, microphone and webcam, maybe an extra hub needed because not enough interface.

How much gonna cost for A webcam with speaker and microphone? I will say it half less than the price of whole set.

 After all, this article is recommend to people need to work at home or remotely, considering that such increase numbers of online conference market, we are truly hoping that can be helpful to people in this area and make the experience better and better.